About the New IP Agency (NIA)

The New IP Agency (NIA) is a not-for-profit independent initiative providing information, education, analysis, community services and testing to support and accelerate the development of a global economy based on open, advanced, virtualized IP networks.

Supported by both the world's largest providers of communication services as well as vendors of virtualized networking solutions, the NIA hosts periodic interoperability test evaluations of NFV elements, the results of which are published here on the Automation Exchange. Each evaluation includes detailed test case information with reproducible configurations documented in each test report.

Every test conducted by the NIA is intended to provide tangible and objective information about the progress and adoption of virtualized solutions. The results of these tests support service providers' adoption of virtualized solutions by minimizing the need for service providers' own lab tests. Ultimately, the NIA's results provide the telecommunications industry with a matrix of what works with what, and who works with whom.

For more information on the New IP Agency (NIA) or to learn about current or upcoming test evaluations, please visit www.newipagency.com.