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Sedona Systems

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Sedona Systems is headquartered in California with R&D facilities in Israel. Backed by blue-chip investors and led by seasoned entrepreneurs and prominent multilayer networking experts, Sedona’s solutions are deployed in the production networks of Tier 1 and Tier 2 service providers globally. We are creators of a multi-layer application platform, focusing on optimization and control of the optical and IP layers (L0-L3) of network operators. We are multilayer network control experts.

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Understanding SRLGs (shared-risk link groups) is critical to reliable service delivery and reducing the need to overprovision the network. The NetFusion SRLG Automation solution resolves manual chaos by automating the discovery of SRLG data and the process of labeling SRLGs. To learn how Sedona enables automated, accurate multilayer resiliency without service disruption and ensures end-to-end connectivity diversity, read our use case.


Watch our webinar with Light Reading on network intelligence and automation in mergers and migrations. See how NetFusion, our network and automation platform, has been used to speed up and get better accuracy in network mergers and migrations.

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