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128 Technology makes your network do what your business needs, by changing the way networks work. Our professional grade software teaches routers the language of applications and services, letting them understand the requirements of individual services and segments, and adapt the network dynamically to deliver what the business needs, when and where it needs it. We make routers Session Smart, enabling enterprise customers and service providers to create a service-centric fabric thatís more simple, agile and secure, delivering better performance at a lower cost.

Watch our Founder & CEO Andy Ory explain what we do and why it matters in this short video presentation.

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South Africa-based CMC Networks, an established provider of data communications for global clients, wanted to achieve higher network reliability to better meet its SLA commitments. After conducting multiple trials with traditional vendors, the company found an extraordinary tunnel-free SD-WAN solution from 128 Technology that was a perfect fit for the needs of the African market. Built on a software-based, distributed routing system, the 128T Networking Platform and Secure Vector Routing could improve performance as well as deliver breakthroughs in simplicity, agility, security and cost savings. Read the case study to learn how Session Smart Routing lets the network speak the language of applications and services, and helped CMC Networks to achieve their goal. Additionally, read our white paper to see how Session Smart Routing works.


Watch our webinar to see Rohit Mehra, Vice President of Network Infrastructure at IDC and Ritesh Mukherjee, Vice President of Product Management at 128 Technology discuss the important trends for SD-WAN in 2019.

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