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AI-driven automation software creates and manages software robots for knowledge work. Built for data-first companies, its products automate business processes by combining AI, RPA and people in one intuitive platform. Top enterprises within global banking, insurance, healthcare and other data-intensive industries choose WorkFusion to reduce their cost of doing business and to use AI to overcome the complexity of scaling operations. WorkFusion is headquartered in New York City with offices in eight countries throughout Europe and Asia.

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SIX Financial Information, a premier provider of financial information, needed to meet its growing data processing challenge. To meet this challenge, SIX chose WorkFusion as its long-term Intelligent Automation platform partner. Read our case study to learn how WorkFusion leveraged a unique combination of simpler RPA, everyday AI, digitizing data, people and bots working together and analytics to meet SIX's challenges.


Watch our webinar to learn what happens during an Intelligent Automation project. Walk through the phases of an automation project for email intake processes, including the people involved, data required and challenges to overcome.

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