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Sea Street
has developed and deployed an AI autonomous operations platform that enables service providers to progressively transform their businesses to fully autonomous, closed-loop operations. Founded in 2012, the company's platform is deployed at several top-tier CSPs that are automating network, video, telephony, wireless and enterprise services.


Sea Street's platform boasts many features. At the heart of the Sea Street solution are designable micro intelligences that we call Objectives, which are goal-seeking, intelligent software objects that are small, easy to build, abstract and highly reusable. They interoperate and cooperate to create autonomous services, compound services and division-level service operations. Objectives are like bees in a hive: a set of Objectives runs a service, a swarm of Objectives runs an enterprise. Objectives collect telemetry, evaluate performance, make decisions to optimize to the goals of the service and execute those decisions in the infrastructure and software systems in real time to render your services self-driving. They simplify closed-loop assurance, intelligent healing, dynamic optimization and autonomous maintenance and upgrade. Additionally, they work with the deployment automation platforms you already own, adding cross-domain, service-level, closed-loop autonomy right on top.

Case Studies

Read Sea Street's latest case studies. One recent case study illustrates how a top US MSO's video operations were impacted by the Sea Street platform. Another recent case study explains how Sea Street worked with a Tier-1 Telco to eliminate 80% of the cost per kilobit across its network, while improving new product times to market and service reliability.

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