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Using a platform approach, CPlane Networks simplifies the enormous complexity of managing distributed clouds through automation and intelligence. With multi-site cloud orchestration that scales to thousands of end points, integrated software-defined networking, and open service-based APIs, streamlines cloud deployments across multiple locations, reduces the complexity and cost of integrating with existing operational and business support systems, and dramatically accelerates the time to revenue for customers. CPlane Networks also offers software-defined networking for NFV, IoT and mobile-edge applications.

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Get to know the Edge and Fog Computing differences with our "Demystifying the Edge" white paper. Learn how the Edge is different than it was and the about the Cloud-to-Thing Continuum.


Watch our webinar to dive into the practical use cases that are now made possible with our partnership with Canonical, including Telecommunication Service Providers, Industrial IoT, Smart Buildings and more. This partnership will simplify cloud management. Canonical brings scale, performance and reliability to the cloud as well as ease of installation through Juju Charms. provides the multi-site orchestration and software defined networking.

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