Policy-driven PaaS (Policy-driven Platform as a Service)

Policy-driven PaaS (Policy-driven Platform as a Service)

Policy-driven PaaS

Policy-driven PaaS (Policy-driven Platform as a Service) addresses speed in terms of deployment and automation across both the application lifecycle and the infrastructure resources. It addresses risk by applying pervasive foundational policy across all aspects of workloads in a hybrid cloud. It is a single platform to deploy, orchestrate and govern diverse workloads across multiple clouds, being in on-premise private clouds like OpenStack, VMware or Baremetal and external public clouds such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft. It can handle a diverse set of workloads and is easily extensible: applications, containers, services or composable services to help modernize legacy applications. It also has extensive external APIs to allow true integration into complementary systems, such as ordering, billing and ticketing.

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