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DEWI (Dependable Embedded Wireless Infrastructure)

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DEWI (Dependable Embedded Wireless Infrastructure)



Dependable Embedded Wireless Infrastructure (DEWI) works to foster Europe’s position in embedded wireless systems and smart (mobile) environments, such as vehicles, railway cars, airplanes and buildings for citizens and professional users. The consortium has developed the concept of a “Sensor & Communication Bubble” featuring:

* Locally confined wireless internal and external access
* Secure and dependable wireless communications and safe operation
* Fast, easy and stress-free access to smart environments
* Flexible self-organization, re-configuration, resiliency and adaptability
* Open solutions and standards for cross-domain reusability and interoperability

DEWI identifies and implements an integrated dependable communication architecture using wireless technologies capable of replacing traditional heavy wiring between computers, devices and sensors, with the belief that citizens will gain easier, more comfortable, more transparent and safer access to information provided by the Sensor & Communication Bubble”. DEWI provides a platform and toolset that contains methods, algorithms, prototypes and living labs solutions for cross-domain reusability, scalability and open interface standards and will contribute to the ARTEMIS repository by connecting to other ASP and AIPP initiatives to ensure long-term sustainability and impact toward society.

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