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BBF (Broadband Forum)




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Broadband Forum, a non-profit industry organization, is focused on engineering smarter and faster broadband networks. The Forum’s flagship TR-069 CPE WAN Management Protocol has now exceeded 800 million installations worldwide. Broadband Forum's work defines best practices specifications and software for global networks, enables new revenue-generating service and content delivery, establishes technology migration strategies and service management for the connected home, cloud, access and 5G broadband ecosystem. There are more than 70 ongoing Technical Committee projects which embrace all relevant emerging technologies.

The Forum's Open Broadband strategy brings together open source agility and standards-based architecture to enable large-scale markets. The Forum develops test interoperability and certification specifications and programs to accelerate deployment.


Watch our webinar on Open Broadband-Broadband Access Abstraction (OB-BAA). Broadband Access Abstraction under BBF’s Open Broadband initiative is an open source project that specifies Northbound Interfaces (NBI), Core Components and Southbound Adaptation Interfaces (SAI) for functions associated with the access network devices that have been virtualized.

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