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An international joint venture between ABB, Bosch and Cisco that aims to accelerate interoperability in the smart home market and enable new market opportunities for the entire ecosystem.

This is made possible primarily by:

* Supplying an open smart home platform that connects solutions from any device manufacturer and any service provider.
* Focusing on the needs of end customers and the solution requirements of providers with companies actively defining the further development of the platform and incorporating the customer perspective.
* A partner alliance in which manufacturers and service providers are members. The alliance is open to all providers in order to incorporate the requirements of the entire ecosystem. No single company can define how the platform evolves in the future.
* Security and privacy is maintained as manufacturers and service providers maintain their relationship to customers; customer information remains with the device or service provider and is not shared with other companies through the platform.

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Rainer Baumann
+49 6196 / 773 9288
[email protected]

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