Intel IoT Platform

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Intel IoT Platform



The Intel IoT Platform provides an end-to-end platform for connecting the unconnected allowing data from billions of devices, sensors and databases to be securely gathered, exchanged, stored and analyzed across multiple industries. The secure, scalable, interoperable platform includes end-to-end reference architectures model and family of products from Intel and its ecosystem that works with third-party solutions to provide a foundation for seamlessly and securely connecting devices, delivering trusted data to the cloud and delivering value through analytics. It allows OEMs, SIs and vertical industries to develop and deploy solutions using building blocks on the Intel IoT Platform.

Key benefits include:

* Rapidly move to prototyping, piloting and productizing with developer kits, tools and SDKs
* Sense, filter, process, analyze and actuate, while securing and managing intelligent interconnected things, including machines and data
* Supports onboarding, monitoring, diagnostics and remote control of devices
* Deliver trusted data with a tight integration of hardware- and software-based security that starts where data is most resilient to attack.

To learn more about Intel IoT capabilities, watch the Track and Trace-Make Freight Smarter with Intel Architecture video. With the platform, automate shipment tracking and increase freight visibility as it moves through the supply chain to the final destination.

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