Orchestrate Security

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Orchestrate Security

A cloud-based set of features within the Orchestrate suite of services that enables users to control access and protect content across geographies, devices and platforms:

* DDoS Attack Interceptor provides a strong origin and website protection solution against a wide range of DDoS attacks, deploying a unique implementation of always-on threat detection at the edge. Real-time layer 3, 4 and application behavior analysis identifies attacks within legitimate traffic. Attack signatures are created on-the-fly, lowering response times in the event of an attack. Includes globally distributed scrubbing centers to mitigate attacks and keep content available 24/7/365.
* Web Application Firewall (WAF) is a cloud-based web application security solution that extends attack protection to HTTP conversations by identifying and blocking malicious requests and responses. Combines application and origin protection using detection, reporting and mitigation at the CDN edge and web application security policies and application layer DDoS protection for the origin infrastructure.
* Easily distribute video to any device and receive encryption from Google Widevine, Adobe Access, and Microsoft PlayReady to ensure content is not illegally watched or redistributed.

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