DEV - Virtual Platform Development and Simulation

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DEV - Virtual Platform Development and Simulation

Controller, Standard and Multicore Virtual Platform Developer products consist of tools, models and infrastructure components for the rapid development and verification of embedded software utilizing virtual platforms. Developer products provide the necessary capabilities to develop platforms, including software simulation capability to execute embedded code on the platforms. To enable the rapid creation of accurate and efficient virtual platforms, the Developer products contain:

* Imperas Model Library, a range of processor, platform and peripheral models
* iGen Model Generator, which automates the creation of a code framework for new models, simplifying the initial phase of model generation. These models are built around the platform development infrastructure of Open Virtual (OVP), an open industry standard for enabling the efficient modeling of virtual platforms that leverages industry standards.
* Targeted simulation solution for the execution of embedded code, dependent on the processor capability required. The simulator can operate with GDB and the Eclipse IDE, as well as the Imperas Multicore Software Design Kit.

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