SonicsGN (SGN)

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SonicsGN (SGN)

A 4th generation configurable, on-chip network enabling the design of advanced System-on-Chip (SoC) devices using a high-speed scalable fabric topology structure. The configurable intellectual property (IP), intuitive user interface and robust verification environment provide tools to create gate-efficient on-chip communication networks for advanced SoC designs. Target applications include: networking, smart mobile devices, IoT wearables and home consumer electronics.

Provides a high-performance fabric that transports packetized transactions, utilizing routers as the fundamental switching elements. Routers allow for pipelining and buffering, enabling designers to tailor these elements to their exact requirements for area and frequency. The fabric is surrounded by intelligent agents that adapt to the interface protocols of the attached IP cores and can easily be combined with other connectivity components, allowing the designer flexibility when designing complex connectivity solutions for advanced SoC devices.

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