Network Service Security (NSS)

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Network Service Security (NSS)

Based on a Correlative Behavioral Analysis (C-BA) mechanism designed to identify illegal transactions disguised as legal ones. Utilizes machine learning algorithms in conjunction with C-BA to train the system to identify the initial appearance of known or unknown anomalies (APT, Zero-day attacks) before any damage occurs to the infrastructure or services and report it to the administrator.
Architecture is compliant with ETSI GS NFV-SEC recommendations, fully integrated with NFV Management and Orchestration (MANO), as well as NFV Infrastructure (NFVI) and includes the following functions:

Security Service Orchestration (SSO) orchestrates and manages the overall security aspects of the deployed network services
Programmable virtual Taps (vTaps) monitor traffic according to the network rules orchestrated by the SSO
Virtualized Front-end processor (vFEP) modules that implement Behavioral Analysis (BA) at the flow level
Active breach Detection (ABD) employed Correlative Behavioral Analysis (C-BA), which analyzes meta-data of network service flows in the context of the network service procedure
Forensics module, which provides detailed information regarding the detected breach and tools to investigate root-cause

Operates on three levels of NFV communication and interfaces, including Intra-VNF (VNF-Ci to VNF-Ci), Inter-VNF (VNF to VNF) and Extra-VNF, ensuring that only controlled communication is allowed.

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