Ambiq Micro AM08xx Low Power Real-Time Clock (RTC)

Product Name
Ambiq Micro AM08xx Low Power Real-Time Clock (RTC)

AM08xx Low Power Real-Time Clock (RTC) features groups including baseline timekeeping features, advanced timekeeping features and enhanced I/O features. The AM08xx serves as a full function RTC for host processors such as microcontrollers with power requirements as low as 14nA in RC mode, 22nA in autocalibration mode and 55nA in XT mode. The RTC functions as an extremely low power "keep-alive" source for the system and bypassing the need for the main MCU to power down the device to conserve power. It monitors the system while the components are powered off for a user configurable power-up event while consuming only nanoamps of power. The AM08xx is based on the company's SPOT (Subthreshold Power Optimized Technology).

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