MxL278 Full-Spectrum Capture (FSCTM) Digital Cable Front-end Receiver

Product Name
MxL278 Full-Spectrum Capture (FSCTM) Digital Cable Front-end Receiver

When combined with the MxL236 upstream programmable gain amplifier, it creates a new family of DOCSIS 3.1 consumer premises equipment (CPE) that delivers multi-gigabit data rates into, throughout and out of the home. Capturing up to the entire 1.2 GHz of fully deployed cable spectrum bandwidth to the home, the MxL278 DOCSIS 3.1 receiver enables cable operators to meet consumer demand for higher multi-gigabit data rates through flexible deployment of spectrum bandwidth between the new OFDM and legacy QAM modulation based services. Designs based on the MxL278 will utilize high-capacity multi-gigabit-per-second IP data gateways, home media gateways and hybrid or IP-based set-top boxes (STB) with advances toward all IP-based delivery of multimedia content and cloud services.

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