Plume Series W3315B0100

Product Name
Plume Series W3315B0100

A Wi-Fi dual-band flexible printed circuit (FPC) internal antenna that provides connectivity and data transmission for Internet of Things applications in security, home automation, appliances, lighting, medical/telemedicine, sensors, network monitoring, data collection, wearables, automotive, in-vehicle communication and vending. The compact 6 x 45mm antenna has a maximum antenna gain of 2 dBi on the low band and 5dBi on the upper band with more than 60 percent efficiency across the bands.

It covers lower-band Wi-Fi frequencies 2.4-2.5 GHz and upper-band frequencies 4.9-5.9 GHz. The flexible nature of the antenna’s construction, low profile and small form factor make it easily adaptable to most industrial design parameters and aesthetic requirements. It is omni-directional in the x-y plane. The 100mm cable assembly with its standard IPEX/U.FL-compliant coax connector pigtail to connect wireless radios and modules for Wi-Fi 802.11, as well as Zigbee, Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy frequency bands.

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