Identity Management Platform

Product Name
Identity Management Platform

Sync customer data, first-party data and third-party data in a cloud-based, on-demand platform to move from insight to action seamlessly.
Identity Management Solutions include:

* Data onboarding to match a customer database against 1.2 billion registered users in seconds, gaining critical insights into current customers and prospects.
* Audience insights to develop deeper insights into audience composition and characteristics, including demographic data, online behavior, device graphs and purchase history.
* Device linkage to understand the device graph of customers and prospects in order to optimize the reach and frequency of brand messaging across devices.
* Audience segmentation to manage and create new segments on the fly based on demographic data, online behavior, device type and purchase history with an audience builder tool.
* People-based lookalike modeling
* Data management with an open platform that integrates with more than 50 companies
* Privacy and security as data is only transferred through an anonymous MD5 hashing algorithm

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