100G MCE (Media Converter and Extension)

Product Name
100G MCE (Media Converter and Extension)

Supports distances in excess of the standard SR10 400 meters limit, with OM4 multi-mode fiber between data centers, virtualized network physical infrastructures, internet exchanges and bandwidth-intensive locations.

It can be used with the 400G Packet Broker to provide intelligent conversion between 10G and 100G architectures, allowing seamless integration into existing infrastructure, or it can be used as a standalone 100G media converter to extend geographical distance of SR10 networks. Allows service providers to guarantee delivery of 100G connectivity as a value-add service, as well as organizations that manage their own infrastructure with a carrier-grade feature set and bandwidth. By performing media conversion at an increased data rate, operators can increase elasticity of Network Function Virtualization (NFV) components as multiple, diverse, functions are transported over 100G infrastructure.

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