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A flexible and scalable IoT platform designed to enable retailers, service providers, user electronics OEMs and system integrators to deploy connected device ecosystems. Consists of Kalay Connect, Kalay Cloud and Kalay Apps to address time-to-market and mass deployment challenges, simplifying and accelerating chipset enablement and application development for IoT.

Delivers end-to-end solutions to meet fast-developing and changing IoT environments. Enables solution providers and technology brands to combine product offerings with cloud services. Enables connectivity to more than 9 million devices. Speeds time-to-market with SOC integrations from 50+ chipset vendors to support a variety of devices. Robust and scalable cloud structure with modular features for IoT software design and development. Ready-to-use APIs and SDKs simplify the development process for quick rollout of services. Reliable transmission of massive volumes of data and types for audio, video and image over Internet.

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