Brightcove Video Cloud

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Brightcove Video Cloud

An online video platform (OVP) for broadcasters, publishers, distributors, content owners, brands and organizations that enables managing and delivering live and on-demand video across a range of devices, operating systems and social platforms. Provides a range of video-related functionality, including uploading, publishing, playback, monetization and analysis. Offers extensive workflow capabilities and APIs to support both simple and highly customized solutions so users can focus on content, viewership, conversions and revenue. Meets the rigorous security requirements of global financial institutions and satisfies the industrial strength reliability, speed, modularity and video quality requirements of media and entertainment companies. Offers the functionality and ease of use demanded by leading brands for communication with prospects, customers, partners and employees. Extensive APIs, partner ecosystem and documentation meet both IT and end-user needs by easily integrating with a range of third-party systems and applications for social media, content management, analytics, ad serving, marketing automation, user management and other tasks.

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