BlackRidge Virtual Appliance Gateways

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BlackRidge Virtual Appliance Gateways

Gateways perform transport access control (TAC) identity insertion, TAC identity resolution and policy enforcement. The virtual version is a full implementation of the TAC gateway in a virtual appliance, with functionality that is identical to that of a physical gateway appliance. Currently, the virtual gateway runs on VMware ESXi and on IBM z Systems, with other virtual environments, servers and public clouds supported in the near future.

The TAC gateway operates as a Layer 2 transparent bridge or in Layer 3 routed mode, so it can be deployed in the data path between systems requesting access to resources and the resources or systems to protect or segment. It has 1GbE or 10GbE data ports and a 1GbE management port. The data path ports may have built-in LAN bypass capability. A TAC gateway can work in both identity insertion and identity enforcement modes and provide identity insertion on behalf of devices and users.

It performs identity insertion, identity resolution and policy enforcement. It provides high throughput with low latency and jitter and can stop a cyber attack, while at the same time permitting all authenticated and authorized traffic flows.

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