xStream Private & Hybrid Cloud Management Platform

Product Name
xStream Private & Hybrid Cloud Management Platform

An integrated solution that enables enterprise IT organizations and cloud service providers to deliver enterprise-class application services to their customers. Using a patented cloud resource management technology, it creates secure, multi-tenant cloud environments that deliver assured SLA levels for business-critical applications and services. Can be deployed in an enterprise environment to create a private cloud or by a service provider to create a public cloud and enables secure federation to create hybrid clouds that span on-premise and off-premise environments.

Provides following capabilities:

* Production and mission-critical enterprise applications in the cloud
* Multi-tenant efficiency
* Continuous Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)
* Private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud deployment models
* Multi-level billing and chargeback
* Application-level performance SLAs
* Advanced Governance, Reporting, Compliance (GRC)
* Secure, encrypted application resource pools
* Secure, federated cloud communities between trusted business partners
* Multi-level monitoring and management

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