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A virtual service assurance solution that simultaneously monitors both virtual cloud-based networks and legacy networks. Based on a multi-technology virtual probe (vProbe), it can be installed on both COTS servers and on NFV platforms to facilitate a move to NFV infrastructure by operators.

Provides performance analysis, customer experience management, service monitoring and optimization and network monitoring and troubleshooting. With one platform for all technologies, it meets evolving technological challenges, such as convergence (IP, IMS, PSTN and cellular networks), use of multiple interfaces and combining voice, data and leveraging packet processing technology.

The solution to effectively monitor traffic between virtual network elements is provided by the vProbe, which can monitor all traffic on both external and VM-to-VM interfaces.

Using for NFV, operators can increase network analytics capacity when needed by adding virtual probe instances on additional VMs (probe on demand). Supports automation, onboarding, healing and scaling, thus increasing redundancy and eliminating application downtime during planned server maintenance.

A software-based Virtual Network Function (VNF) that can be seamlessly deployed in NFV environments.

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