Perceptive Cloud Share

Product Name
Perceptive Cloud Share

A lightweight, scalable and intuitive cloud solution that simplifies management and sharing of rich media and other social content in the enterprise. Capable of storing content in the cloud or connecting to existing storage systems. Manages large rich media files without the additional infrastructure overhead required for storing and moving files on premise. Accessible via any standard web browser, ensures ubiquitous access for users, allowing them to share and manage content on their terms.

Features include:

* Content sharing
* Support for numerous content types and formats including video, audio, office documents and images
* Content-related tasks enable review, feedback and approval processes
* Built-in user authentication and integration with common authentication protocols enable content security and dynamic user management
* Analytics with dashboard functionality for usage metrics and tracking at content and user levels
* System administrators have access to manage security, users, content, metadata and elements of the user interface

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