NFV and SDN Performance Management

Product Name
NFV and SDN Performance Management

Platform with cross-domain capabilities that cover network, compute and storage performance management to address functional performance and the supporting fabric of virtualized instances, hypervisors and compute, storage and network resources. An object-oriented service model that keeps physical and virtual elements and associated data in the context of the subscribers, services, domains and other business-layer abstractions. Dynamically associates each virtual function with its compute, storage and network resources and maps the SDN-defined services to the underlying physical and virtualized network.

Use cases:

* Manage the performance of virtual network functions (VNFs) with real-time, vendor-agnostic monitoring for performance of VNFs.
* Manage the NFV fabric with a cross-domain performance assurance platform covering network, compute and storage performance management.
* Scaling VNFs by adjusting the capacity of the virtual instances running the functions and the NFVI fabric
* Enabling network-as-a-service in a vendor-agnostic manner
* Managing SDN and wide-area network architectures

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