Cloud Call Manager

Product Name
Cloud Call Manager

The platform provides medium and large enterprises with voice, multimedia services and mobility options in the cloud. Consists of a range of call servers and gateways to meet a wide range of enterprise requirements. Ideally suited for retail environments, the scalable platform can expand from 500 up to nearly 1 million ports with 1 million busy-hour call completion (BHCC) capabilities. Compatible with Vertical Wave IP and Vertical Summit communications systems, it provides enterprises with 10 to 10,000 remote sites with:

* Centralized call management via SIP
* Active/Active High availability, redundancy and resiliency
* Features including Automatic Call Distribution, Directory Number, Digit Conversion, Mobile Extension and Interactive Routing
* Mobility support options, including voice, IM, text, paging on iOS, Android and Spectralink devices
* Remote store site gateway support options

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