Lumeta Enterprise Situational Intelligence (ESI)

Product Name
Lumeta Enterprise Situational Intelligence (ESI)

Provides network analytics. Installs as a non-routing router to monitor real-time changes to the network address space/routing table in use. Discovers changes to the network’s edge in real-time. Identifies new physical or virtual compute assets coming onto the network and provides dynamic visualization of changes. Targets profiling of new assets while they remain present. Discovers newly active networks in real-time and networks that have become non-responsive and unreachable within minutes. Finds routed (L3) leak paths from internal networks to the Internet or in network enclaves. Issues network segmentation alarms and alerts into SIEM, GRC, device policy management tools for immediate remediation. A Cyber Threat Probe consumes open source and commercial threat intelligence data streams and correlates with ESI indexed metadata to discover newly compromised zombie computers that are operating on the network and more.

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