Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect

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Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect



Unity EdgeConnect is a physical or virtual appliance that delivers predictable application performance over any combination of transport services including low-cost consumer broadband. Orchestrated application-driven security policies enable direct internet breakout for trusted SaaS and web applications. Fully compatible with existing WAN infrastructure, EdgeConnect provides a graceful migration to an SD-WAN and ultimately to the Thin Branch, simplifying the WAN architecture. EdgeConnect high-performance SD-WAN solutions improve business productivity and customer responsiveness while significantly lowering WAN OPEX and CAPEX.

Features include:

* First-packet iQ: intelligently identify apps on the first packet to enable granular steering of traffic
* Orchestrated app-driven security policies: simplified SD-WAN service chaining protects users to matter where the apps reside
* BGP routing interoperability: simplifies transition of legacy branch to SD-WAN and enables a thin branch
* Dynamic path control
* WAN hardening
* Path conditioning
* Cloud intelligence

To learn more about EdgeConnect's unmatched SD-WAN and hybrid WAN solution, read the data sheet or watch the solution overview video.

Kingston Technology, a memory products leader, chose Silver Peak for their move to broadband WAN. Read how Silver Peak and EdgeConnect improved replication performance over distance while reducing dependency on MPLS.

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