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Talari SD-WAN


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Talari SD-WAN
takes advantage of existing private network bandwidth (e.g., MPLS), while combining low-cost Internet broadband bandwidth (e.g. cable, DSL, LTE), to enable a more open, reliable, resilient, agile and cost-efficient enterprise WAN. Talari SD-WAN components include: Talari Controller, Talari Appliances, Talari Overlay Network, Talari Reporting and Talari Cloud Connect.

The solution is built on a comprehensive physical and virtual appliances portfolio, and engineers the internet and branch for application reliability and unparalleled resiliency. Flexible deployment is offered at the physical edge, the virtual edge or in the cloud through the use of Talari’s Controller, a full suite of appliances and centralized orchestration and analytics platform. A few of the capabilities and benefits of this solution include: secure cloud access with visibility, increased application quality of experience and change WAN economics with a hybrid WAN.

Talari SD-WAN enables an open and extensible wide-area network that supports enterprise data centers, remote offices, and cloud services with a new paradigm in which packets are routed deterministically, based on bandwidth suitability for the packet’s protocol. Talari embeds this capability in the packet header to allow low latency applications that are less business-critical to be subordinated in favor of business-critical applications.

To learn more about the SD-WAN technology, read our solution overview.

When it comes to a company WAN, “good” is no longer good enough. Businesses need a network that offers a combination of high availability, reliable network performance and application Quality of Experience. They need a failsafe SD-WAN, like the Talari SD-WAN. Download our eBook to learn ten tips for building a failsafe network, including: why SD-WAN is a smart investment for your business, how an SD-WAN can help reduce connectivity costs, how a Talari SD-WAN can measure and improve application performance and how to achieve sub-second response for seamless failover.

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