Z-Brain Cloud Management

Product Name
Z-Brain Cloud Management

Drives private cloud without the need for on-premise management software or cloud expertise. Intelligent software reduces operational tasks and learns by leveraging a big-data layer that stores and analyzes telemetry using AI and machine learning for capacity planning, upgrades, ongoing management and troubleshooting. The on-premise infrastructure is consumed via a SaaS-based user interface, running in the cloud.


* Security & compliance
* Self-service portal with built-in approval system for resource allocation
* Seamless integration with AWS, multi-cloud support
* Application migration across clouds
* Big-data analytics driven monitoring & troubleshooting
* Instant provisioning, automated workflows for common tasks as-a-service
* Granular analytics-based capacity planning & expansion, chargebacks & showbacks
* Proactive software-driven project-level capacity planning
* Multisite cloud administration

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