Akamai Enterprise Application Access

Product Name
Akamai Enterprise Application Access

Enterprise Application Access is a cloud architecture that closes all inbound firewall ports, while ensuring that only authorized users and devices have access to the internal applications they need, and not the entire network. Access to applications directly are limited because they are hidden from the Internet and public exposure. Enterprise Application Access integrates data path protection, single sign-on, identity access, application security and management visibility and control into a single service. The architecture can be deployed in seconds, which results in a secure-access delivery model that enables a zero CapEx, low OpEx model for critical workloads deployed in any environment.

Features include:

* Access delivery to all internal apps
* Strong encryption
* Simple user management portal
* Multi-factor authentication (MFA/2FA)
* Unified auditing and reporting capabilities
* Full-featured, server load balancing capabilities

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