BigSecure Architecture

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BigSecure Architecture

Leverages SDN-based Big Monitoring Fabric Inline, cluster of high-performance Service Nodes and 3rd party attack detection tools to deliver next-generation cyber-defense.

Consists of:

* Big Monitoring (Big Mon) Fabric (Inline) an SDN-based solution leveraging open networking switches, deployed at the Data Center edge or in the DMZ for creating scalable security tool service chains. The centralized SDN controller supports programmatic operations through RESTful APIs for dynamic multi-system interactions. For distributing attack signatures in a multi-site deployment, DevOps tools such as Ansible can be leveraged to simultaneously program multiple Big Mon controllers.

* Big Monitoring Fabric Service Node a high performance (40G160G) x86 DPDK-based service node appliance, centrally controlled and managed by Big Mon SDN Controller enables deep packet/flow inspection and filtering based on whitelist/blacklist signatures for the purpose of attack mitigation. With the aid of Big Mon controller, it can also be inserted dynamically into security service chains to guarantee front-line mitigation processing. Multiple service nodes are deployed in a scale-out manner for Terabit filtering and mitigation.

* Open networking switches industry-standard 10G/40G/100G fabric switches operating at multi-terabit bandwidth, centrally controlled and managed by the Big Mon controller.
Attack detection tools 3rd party security tools that detect sophisticated Attacks (including DDOS attacks), leverage programmatic (zero-touch) interactions with SDN controller and offload dynamic threat mitigation to high-speed SDN fabric.

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