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Designed with dual CPU blades and dual network I/O blades. Each of the CPU blades is powered by two Intel Xeon E5-2690 v3/v4 CPUs and sixteen DDR4 R-DIMM sockets. To control and allocate load-balance, the system is built in with a BCM StrataXGS Trident-II BCM56854 Switch Fabric with 720Gbps. The front-cabling dual network I/O blades are compatible with switch blades or Ethernet NI blades for hybrid functionality. The standard switch Ethernet blade supports four GbE LAN ports plus sixteen 10GbE ports and the optional Trident-II+ switch Ethernet blade supports two 100GbE and twenty 10GbE. Ethernet NI blade comes with thirty-two 10GbE network ports. The system comes with redundancy design for its switch blades and CPU blades, which offers backup operation in case downtime occurs to one of the blades. As a carrier-grade appliance, HTCA-6200 is NEBS compliance design.

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