SecuRemote Smart Module SRU532

Product Name
SecuRemote Smart Module SRU532

A long-range, dual-mode Bluetooth Smart (BLE)/ANT module that combines communication with smartphones via BLE with a mesh network via ANT up to +16 dBm Tx power and either a u.FL connector or chip antenna. It has an integrated 2.4GHz radio subsystem and includes a dual-protocol software stack that supports BT4.1, GATT-based profiles and ANT mesh networking. It also contains an ARM Cortex MO microcontroller with 256KB flash memory and 23KB RAM.

It provides sensor-to-cloud data security, including authentication and encryption, combined with over-the-air updates. It is a multi-layered approach using AES-128 encryption for over-the-air transmissions and MQTT for upload to the cloud server using the SecuRemote Gateway.

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