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Wipro Virtuadesk



Wipro Virtuadesk is an appliance focused on solutions for the virtual workplace. Also known as Wipro's Desktop-as-a-Service, VirtuaDesk takes advantage of cloud architecture principles and the latest generation of hardware components to create a high-performance way of delivering virtual desktops and applications. The desktop virtualization offering integrates with corporate IT infrastructure and supports existing workflows and processes. VirtuaDesk empowers users with a self-service portal that brings speed and agility to application access and real-time desktop management along with a reduction in storage costs and improvement in hardware utilization. With VirtuaDesk, deploy, update and customize desktops at will.

A leading Europe-based media and digital company implemented Wipro Virtuadesk, which lead to 25% cost savings and digital transformation. Read the case study to learn how Virtuadesk enabled the construction of a collaborative and mobile workforce by securing, provisioning and sharing applications and data.

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