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128T Networking Platform



The 128T Networking Platform is a software-based, distributed router based on 128 Technology’s innovative Session Smart Technology and Secure Vector Routing (SVR). The Session Smart Router is a component of the 128T Networking Platform (128T) and together with the 128T Conductor, enables enterprises and service providers to build service-centric fabrics that deliver breakthroughs in simplicity, agility, security, performance and savings.

Capabilities of the software-based, cloud ready platform include: centralized orchestration and automation, tunnel free internetworking, service centric control, zero trust security, application aware routing, failsafe service delivery and software-defined branch. The platform is composed of a centralized management plane, service centric control plane and session-aware data plane.

For a look into how the 128T Networking Platform works with Service and Topology Exchange Protocol (STEP), read our white paper.

To learn more about Session Smart Router and how it works within the platform, watch the video below.

128T Networking Platform - What it is and why it's better

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