Apstra Operating System (AOS)

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Apstra Operating System (AOS)



Apstra Operating System (AOS)
is a vendor-agnostic distributed operating system for data center networks that enables business agility, scales operational efficiency and reduces downtime. It automates the lifecycle of network infrastructure and services, starting with customer-declared statements of intent. It also automates the various processes involved in designing and deploying network configurations and ensuring the network is always ready for business through real-time telemetry and analytics that provide continuous validation. AOS is offered in an Enterprise Edition, Standard Edition and Advanced Telemetry Edition.

Watch how the Apstra Operating System handles the automation of Leaf-Spine Data Center Fabrics in this webinar from the Cisco Live 2018 event.

To learn more about the AOS architecture, see this white paper: The Apstra Operating System (AOS) Architecture Overview.

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