Apcera Platform

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Apcera Platform

An enterprise-grade container management platform with workflow, orchestration, scheduling, storage, networking and a container engine. Features include:

* Ability to leverage a composable staging pipeline to build containers from source or Docker images. Built-in stagers for multiple languages (e.g. Ruby, Java, Go, PERL, PHP, Python) and service integration, creation and management.
* Security, governance and enforcement with a deny-all system that only functions as explicitly permitted by policy. Provides granular policy syntax for control over users, applications and infrastructure.
* Can be installed anywhere that can run Linux, including bare metal, VMware, OpenStack, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. Treats each environment as part of a single cluster so applications can move across infrastructure without breaking dependencies or governance.
* Isolation and control reside at the application level with full network support, including automated IP addressing, distributed firewall management, multi-cloud virtual network configuration, internal service discovery, load balancing and cluster DNS.

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