NFVO with AI

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NFVO with AI

Provides artificial intelligence (AI) powered NFV orchestration that is fully compliant with ETSI MANO architecture framework and allows operators to enrich service portfolios with best-in-class multivendor VNFs, applications and services in open networks. Decouples the MANO architecture into three layers and provides virtualized network service lifecycle management, triggers VNF lifecycle operations via a corresponding VNF manager and manages NFV infrastructure (NFVI) resources by interacting with virtual infrastructure managers (VIMs). Leverages a template-based DevOps approach to network service and VNF modeling. Implements user-friendly GUIs with drag-and-drop functionality and automates the importation of YANG service, resource models and TOSCA deployment templates. Customize flexible policy to adjust VNF/NS/VNFM dynamically and optimize resources usage in terms of AI engine. Coordinate VNF lifecycle management with required VNF managers. Intelligently place VNFs based on security, performance and latency requirements. Align NFVI resource management with corresponding VIMs. Access a 360-degree view on network service and VNF statuses. Enable full traceability from logical topology to virtual and physical infrastructure levels. Facilitate real-time orchestration logic and assurance processes.

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