OpsCenter App Portal

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OpsCenter App Portal

A tool consolidation platform that provides Single Sign-On (SSO) access to secure, customizable views from a variety of network and business applications. Consolidates and integrates existing web-based application interfaces from vendors like Alcatel-Lucent, BMC Software, CA Technologies, HP, IBM, SevOne and VMware, as well as custom-written applications. End-users get a streamlined workflow and a complete view of all the information they need. Provides pre-built Product Integration Modules (PIMs) for common third-party applications. Integrates Operational and Business Support Systems (OSS/BSS) and offers advanced capabilities including:
* Single Sign-On (SSO) and Sign-Off with multiple user authentication integration options
* Security, including role/domain-based access via a secure proxy
* Ability to impose multi-tenancy on proxied applications that donít natively support it
* Application hardening: Real-time HTML content filtering and modification

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