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Pega Cloud provides industry-leading infrastructure, enterprise-grade services and operational excellence for Pega Platform and strategic application solutions in the cloud. Pega Cloud offers a range of services, including: data management, monitoring, network and integration, security, availability, resiliency and backup. Deployment of these services and application development is offered in the cloud as a PaaS, on premise or in a blended environment with cloud choice.

With Pega Cloud, experience transformational CRM solutions that allow you to approach customer engagement leveraging AI throughout the entire customer journey. Whether itís for marketing, sales automation, or customer service, begin a new experience with Pegaís suite of CRM solutions.

The cloud isn't one-size-fits-all; learn how Pega Cloud offers the flexibility to build a model that works for you in this video.

To learn more about Pega Cloud and its capabilities, read our data sheet.

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