IoT Connectivity Lifecycle Management

Product Name
IoT Connectivity Lifecycle Management

Connectivity lifecycle management that enables management and monitoring of SIMs and IoT devices. By leveraging its position inside the MNO's core network, Starhome Mach offers an experience for IoT Managers and their Enterprise customers, allowing them to manage the overall device lifecycle, while remaining on top of business goals and SLA commitments. The solution provides MNOs with complete visibility and control of all IoT device connections, combining API-based connectivity enablement, monitoring and control technologies with core network-based connectivity insight and smart steering technologies, as well as complete IoT clearing services.

Features include:

* IoT device provisioning (2G, 3G, 4G, LoRa and NB-IoT)
* Real-time device monitoring
* Real-time alerting and troubleshooting
* Steering of roaming to optimize QoS and coverage in IoT
* Multi-tiered account structure capabilities
* API integration capabilities
* GSMA eUICC compliant

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