Disaster Recovery Services

Product Name
Disaster Recovery Services

Customized enterprise-level disaster recovery solutions with continuous audits and security assessments being conducted and extensive testing and execution.

Services include:

* Tier III and Tier IV data centers
* SOC 2 Certified Data Centers
* Major platform support (Unisys, IBM, SUN, HP, VMware, Windows)
* VPN (IPSEC/SSL) MPLS, private circuits and modern connectivity options
* Main office and branch circuit monitoring
* 1 million watts 3-phase power feed and facility (120V, 240V) and 3 phase power to racks
* Cisco Firewalls
* Data centers regulated by the FFIEC and other Federal agencies; HIPAA compliant; and strict adherence to the Gramm-Leach Bliley Act
* Secure access from anywhere

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