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A fully managed, Gigabit Layer 3, fiber edge switch. The combination of 24 x 100/1000X SFP slots and 4 x 100/1000X SFP uplinks make it ideal for sensitive data transfer and long-distance fiber connectivity at the edge of the network. With the switch, expand network reach while keeping simple operation in distributed environments with long-distance fiber connectivity and prevents eavesdropping of sensitive data on fiber links with Active Fiber Monitoring. It also supports resilient high-speed ring-based networks with Ethernet Protection Switched Ring, and offers flexible deployment with support for 100M and 1G fiber, as well as Gigabit copper Ethernet.

Features include:

* AlliedWare Plus Enterprise-class operating system
* Static and dynamic (RIP) routing for L3 environments
* sFlow enables network performance monitoring and optimization
* ACLs manage access and traffic control across the network

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