Identity Message Broker (IMB)

Product Name
Identity Message Broker (IMB)

The Identity Message Broker (IMB) compliments device security provided by the Identity Edge Controller by providing message-level security over native IoT protocols. The IMB installs on-premise, in the cloud, or on the edge, and can receive data streams from thousands of IoT devices. It authenticates the source and secures the data, and authorizes data flows. The IMB can be configured to install on the same hardware as the Identity Edge Controller, providing an all-in-one IoT edge security solution.

Features include:

* Authentication and authorization enforcement for MQTT secures and hardens the sending and receiving of MQTT dataflows between an edge client and the cloud in Internet of Things (IoT) systems
* Evaluation of access policies at the moment of action
* Token-based validation of devices enables revocation and expiration of credentials, ensuring device identity

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