Huawei IoT Connection Management Platform

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Huawei IoT Connection Management Platform



To adapt to IoT development trends, Huawei Cloud Core Network has developed a unified connection management platform that is access agnostic, carrier-class, scalable and open. The Huawei IoT Connection Management Platform provides full connections between people and things and between things. It supports fast integration of multiple vertical industry applications and offers APIs to meet diversified device access needs, helping carriers, enterprises and industries build end-to-end IoT solutions and to quickly integrate multiple industry applications and increase business revenues. The open APIs help customers quickly integrate industry devices, speeding service rollout and reducing integration costs.

To learn more about the Huawei IoT Connection Management Platform and its capabilities, read the brochure and data sheet.

The platform enables an unprecedented degree of device interconnection. It allows users to manage data, connections and security, and provides openness to APIs. Watch the solution video to learn more.

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