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Arago HIRO



HIRO is a general problem-solving artificial intelligence technology that is thoroughly tested in real commercial applications with a strong focus on business and IT optimization. HIRO can manage processes such as IT infrastructure, software, applications, services, business processes, workflows, transactions and more. The knowledge and information HIRO uses to solve complex tasks is storable and re-usable in different environments, giving you maximum performance and resilience. HIRO is the underlying technology that makes your enterprise AI ready, and can be deployed into any cloud or physical system.

HIRO's AI offers a general approach where AI increasingly learns more about the environment while combining machine reasoning and machine learning, rather than a narrow AI for specific tasks. Arago‘s algorithms enable the HIRO engine to perform dynamic reasoning to solve ambiguous and complex problems. The HIRO AI combines three major human abilities that enable enterprises to tackle IT and business process challenges: understanding, learning and solving.

To learn more about HIRO's capabilities, watch HIRO - The Movie.

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