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RunMyJobs helps customers stay ahead by freeing people from repetitive manual tasks. It is the world’s first process automation and job scheduling solution delivered as-a-service to improve the agility of IT operations. It doesn’t matter how many different platforms you use to keep your day-to-day operations running – we have connectors for all of them and they’re all included in our fixed platform fee. We provide unrivaled support and have already run more than 100 million automation tasks for our customers across all industries.

This all inclusive solution includes monitoring, user tracking, all connectors and real-time visibility. Provide throughput and performance for your business with a multi-threaded engine and dynamic load balancing to can handle high volumes of activities across multiple systems and applications. Give your business and IT users the self-service ability they need to keep track of process status with a role-based interface, and use mobile devices to manage processes and carry out tasks such as process approvals, decisions and responses. To learn more about this powerful process automation service, read our solution sheet.

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